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All Nokia 7650/3650 users -
the wait is over!

Veta Universal 1.0

your high-tech universal remote controller.

So pull out your Nokia 3650 and get control of your Macintosh. Now you can remotely operate all of your favorite Mac applications - including iTunes, DVD Player and even the mouse.

Veta Universal is a Series 60 application for your phone. It is designed to work seamlessly with Romeo 0.9.1, available as a free download from Arboreal Software . And you do not need Sony Ericsson anymore!

Main Features

  • Controls iTunes, Quicktime Player, DVD Player, Keynote and many other programs.
  • The only Symbian application compatible with Romeo.
  • Easy to install and even easier to use.

Veta Universal version 1.0.3 release notes

  • Adds a distinctive icon
  • Minor code optimizations


Veta Universal is immediately available as a download from this site. Use the link on the left to download the VetaUniversal.dmg disk image. It contains the program and user manual.


Veta Universal is shareware. The registration fee is $8 (US). Read the User's Manual for licensing terms and registration information. To register Veta Universal you will need your phone's IMEI number.


Email with questions, bug reports and suggestions.
Download Veta Universal 1.0.3

  • Nokia 7650/3650 phone
  • Mac OS 10.2 with Bluetooth support
    (built-in or adapter)
  • Romeo 0.9.1
Supported devices
  • Nokia 7650
  • Nokia 3650
  • Nokia 6600
  • N-Gage