Special Edition
for Palm users!

Veta Universal 1.0:

Palm Edition

for Bluetooth capable Palms.

It is time to pull out your Tungsten T and start clicking. Now you can remotely operate all of your favorite Mac applications - including iTunes, DVD Player and others.

Veta Universal: Palm Edition is a Palm OS 5.0 application for your phone. It is designed to work seamlessly with Romeo 0.9.1, available as a free download from Arboreal Software . You do not even need a phone anymore!

Main Features

  • Controls iTunes, Quicktime Player, DVD Player, Keynote and many other programs.
  • The only Palm OS application compatible with Romeo.
  • Easy to install and even easier to use.


Veta Universal: Palm edition is immediately available as a download from this site. Use the link on the left to download the VetaUniversalPalm.dmg disk image. It contains the program and user manual.


Veta Universal: Palm Edition is shareware. The registration fee is $10 (US). Read the User's Manual for licensing terms and registration information.


Email vkulesh@oakland.edu with questions, bug reports and suggestions.
Download Veta Universal:
Palm Edition

  • Palm PDA with Bluetooth
  • Mac OS 10.2 with Bluetooth
    (built-in or adapter)
  • Romeo 0.9.1